We have been navigating the Greek coast and islands for many years with different types of sailboats and catamarans

We speak Greek, we know the culture, the people and we know how to choose the most beautiful places so the trip becomes a most unforgettable experience for you. Our experience and professionalism is beyond compare and will without doubt send you home with beautiful lifetime memories

Personalized Service

We offer personalized service with different options to choose from for your cruise.
Cabin charter sailing.
Private charter from 2 to 10 people.
Custom itineraries and levels of service.
Discover our cruise routes and current itineraries.

Cruise and Discover

Our cruises are complete packages. We don’t simply limit the experience to sailing or fishing. Rather, we also offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in Greek life.
We try to include visits to archeological sites, monasteries and orthodox churches; all elements that contribute to the rich texture of this country.
You can discover the Greek food, simple and so abundantly varied.
Going ashore and having contact with the locals adds an extra dimension to the voyage.


All our boats are in perfect condition and are of recent construction. Safety norms to the Greek Department of Marine Transport’s standards are maintained. The boats are annually inspected and upgraded.
Our sailboats are completely outfitted and have all of the necessary security equipment in accordance with the law: lifeboats, safety harnesses, life vests, signal flares and emergency locator beacons.
The fleet carries all applicable legally required insurance.

Our Itineraries

Sail with us


Cyclades Islands

Discover the Cyclades Islands in 2 weeks with our sailboat cruises.

saroniko y peloponeso

Saronic Islands and Peloponnesian Coast

Sail through Saronic Islands and Peloponnesian Coast for 1 or 2 weeks.

If you Like Sailing

Sail with us
A different kind of adventure

If you enjoy navigating under sail.
If you are tempted to discover the beauty of Greece.
If you want to live a beautiful adventure different from anything you have ever experienced.

Vacation Cruising with Selin’s Sail

If you are dreaming of a different kind of holiday, calm relaxing, away from the crowds, of swimming in isolated crystalline creeks, you can learn with us to crew a sailboat taking part in docking and honing your marine skills.

Greece: sailing and more

If you are passionate about Greek history and civilization then come aboard for a sailing cruise together with our crew through blue waters in this Greek paradise.
We don’t simply limit the experience to sailing or fishing.

constant open communication

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your questions or special requests. We are in constant contact with our clients before, during and after each cruise.

Our travel concept

We take our job seriously and believe we have a great formula. Our goal is to take your cruise to a different level. It is to provide a hands on experience in which the whole crew participates.

We offer a number of activities both at sea and on shore. They are directed towards discovery of a country, a culture and a lifestyle.

We delight in teaching basic sailing seamanship and on land guiding our crew to historic monuments, monasteries and the like.

This is our travel mandate. As pioneers of this concept we strive to offer what we feel most important. In essence it is quality, service, a warm welcome, comradeship, interaction and sharing.

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