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Professionals passionate about sailing

Our team is comprised of professionals passionate about sailing, the sea, nature and people. This passion allows for truly unique experiences during these sailing trips

We speak Greek, we know the culture, the people and we know how to choose the most beautiful places so the trip becomes the most unforgettable experience for you. Our experience and professionalism is beyond compare and will without doubt send you home with beautiful lifetime memories.


Professional seaman living in Greece since 1999.
Licensed in Spain as a Recreational Boating Skipper.
He began working Greek cruises in 1999.

His knowledge about navigation, astronomy, Greek culture and civilization offers people on board the possibility to discuss all manner of current topics concerning Greece.
His desire to share knowledge and sense of humour ensures a rich and full time for all the crew.

Paco Urzaiz


Professional crew since 2000.
Varied and extensive experience as a hostess and Captain’s assistant on sailboats in Greece.
She brings on board her joy of living and a natural uncomplicated disposition as well as her culinary knowledge and a great skill for organization and putting a crew together.

She has more than 10 years behind her in the world of tourism in Greece and Spain. Her organizational skills are highly sought after to manage groups and life on-board while at sea.
She is passionate about the sea, sailing and nature. Her rational disposition serves her in dealing with unexpected situations in a positive manner.
She speaks fluent Greek, French, Spanish, English, Italian and Basque.


35 years of Mediterranean and Atlantic navigation.
Skipper of any kind of boat, quiet traveler.

Teacher, trainer, it will make you discover and feel the Winds, the
Sailing, the Sea and the Boats.j
Quiet and caring, he transmits a feeling of serenity on board.
Sensitive to human relation ship and well-being, he seeks harmony
And conviviality.
Just to take the time to live …

Skipper in Greece

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