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Renting individual spots on the boat

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In 1998, the cabin charter cruise concept didn’t exist. People rented boats with a group of friends or family members. The idea came about because many people who were interested in such a trip, couldn’t participate because it was too difficult to cover the costs.

Our cabin charter cruises

Under this premise, we decided to change things up a bit with our cruises: renting individual vacancies on the boat until we have a full boat.
Due to the great success of these types of cruises, many sailboats currently use this same formula.
We love our job and have fun doing what we do. This is essential and allows us us to give you a trip that is focused on YOU, the client and the unique family-style experience.
Our proposal is clear and well defined: convert the simple sailboat trip into a human adventure that breaks away from the routine of traditional vacationing.
We offer various types of activities, in the sea as well as on land. These activities are always guided by the sense of discovering the country, culture and lifestyle.

Our concept

We are delighted to show you the fundamentals of sailing and boating and then on land we participate in activities including visiting historic monuments, monasteries, etc…
You will discover the joys of the sea, the virtues of Greek culture, the traditions, cuisine, history and legends.
We believe in our work. We believe in what we do. Our objective is to create another concept of travel, to make this week a life experience in which the crew is an active element. This is our vision of travel.
As pioneers in this concept, we deeply believe in our vision and are constantly working to give the best possible experience that offers quality, impeccable service, hospitality, exchanging and sharing of our ideas and ourselves as well as encouraging a close working/travel environment.
We love our job and this is exactly why you will love taking vacations with us.

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