Our Cruises

Cabin Charter Cruise / Private Cruises

You can book your place and cabin on one of our sailboats, or book a sailboat for you and your group of family/friends/…

We are delighted to show you the fundamentals of sailing and navigation, share on shore activities (visits to historic sites, greek culture, traditions, food and history).

Cabin Charter Cruise

We rent individual vacancies on the sailboat until we have a full boat.
You will discover the joys of the sea, the virtues of Greek culture, her traditions, her cuisine, her history and her legends.

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Private Cruises

Spending one week on a sailboat with our coxswain and his/her assistant and the people you choose to join you (friends, family).
A tailor-made cruise based on your personal requests and desires, the people you choose and the possibility of varying the itinerary!

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Life on a sailboat

Living one week on a sailboat in Greece is a unique and unforgettable adventure. In order for this experience to be as harmonious and enjoyable as possible, we offer some practical advice.

Life on a sailboat

Sailboat Cruise Daily Program

An example of how we tend to organize day cruise.
Please remember that he daily schedule is subject to weather conditions and may differ depending on the sea.

Daily Program