Private Cruises

Live sailboat cruise as you want

Together with your family, friends, workmates, …

Sailing with us

Our concept of a private cruise is spending one week on a sailboat with our skipper and assistant and the people you choose to join you (friends, family).

Private cruise

The week’s design is similar to the cabin charter cruise week design (daily program), with the possibility of varying the itinerary.

The type of boat for this week is chosen based on the number of people in your group and on the comfort level desired (personal requests/desires…).

Our Concept

We are delighted to show you the fundamentals of sailing and boating and then on land we participate in activities including visiting historic monuments, monasteries, etc…
You will discover the joys of the sea, the virtues of Greek culture, the traditions,  cuisine, history and legends.

For more information please contact us by email, filling the contact form or by phone. See you soon!

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