Daily routine on board and ashore

Typical day on a sailboat

wake up

We have breakfast around 9am and we set sail around 10am.
We navigate between 3 and 5 hours per day, depending on the destination and the wind.

en route

Late morning we drop anchor in one of the many solitary bays that we find. The majority of bays we visit have no land access, which means that generally speaking the bays are far from crowded.
Our aim is to take full advantage of the pristine nature hidden here.

time out

In these coves of transparent waters we can swim, stroll on land or take advantage of the sandy beaches for a while.
Together, everyone will prepare the midday lunch and enjoy it back on board.


After a few relaxed hours, back sailing to our next port of destination where we will spend the night.


Once docked, we will go visit the most interesting places on the island.
Rest assured that our cruises are not organized group vacations. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the places we travel to as they wish while on shore.


In the evening we will settle in to have dinner in a traditional Greek tavern. Our team makes sure to take you to traditional taverns where the food is always very good quality as well as reasonably priced.


During the week, depending on the weather we will spend a night anchored in a deserted bay, no phones, where a vaulted sky enshrouds us with a galaxy of shooting stars.
A nighttime spectacle under the stars and nocturnal dips are quite exceptional.

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